LMHI Newsletter No.7 August 2012

LMHI President fosters relations with Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Associations
International Homeopathy Day 2012 in Turkey: LMHI supports Medical Homeopathy in Turkey / Selling and marketing of homeopathic remedies allowed in pharmacies in Turkey
South Africa as new member country: LMHI Past President speaks at HSA Congress
Homeopathy in Modern Dentistry. What is it about?

Research: LMHI Guidelines on the Clinical Verification of Symptoms / Scientific Framework Homeopathy after the 66th Congress / Recent Research

Service of remembrance for the 40th anniversary of the trident disaster
Liga Letter now also available in Russian
Homeopathic Education: LMHI Medical Education Standards and Accreditation Regulations
LMHI Congress 2012 in Nara, Japan: Update and Information on LMHI Governance Meetings 2012 / Call for Country Reports
LMHI Congress 2013 in Quito, Ecuador

LMHI Newsletter No.7 August 2012
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