LMHI Newsletter No.8 December 2012

LMHI moves statutory seat to Hahnemann City of Koethen: Celebration on 16 March 2013
Homeopathy Europe: Thomas Peinbauer elected new ECH President / CAM plays important role in EU healthcare
XXXI Brazilian Homeopathy Congress and XI Brazilian Congress of Homeopathy in Dentistry
LMHI Medical Homeopathic Education Standards and Accreditation of Homeopathic Teaching Centers
LMHI Working Group project / Reports from Pharmacy, Public Relations and Research
Online survey: Status of homeopathic pharmacists and dentists / Situation of homeopathic remedies
LMHI Congress 2013: Early-Bird Registration Expires on 31 December 2012 / Elections of LMHI Executive Committee will take place
National Congresses 2013: AIH-IHMA-NYMC Conference (USA)
Available now: The Liga Letter Vol. 18, Review 2012

LMHI Newsletter No.8 December 2012
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