LMHI Newsletter No.9 May 2013

• IHD 2013: LMHI promotes homeopathy in Bogotá, Colombia
• Back to the roots: LMHI has new seat in the house of Samuel Hahnemann in Köthen
• Homeopathy under attack in USA and Brazil
• LMHI Research Publications
o Scientific Framework Homeopathy – Evidenced Based Homeopathy 2013
o 3rd edition of LMHI Guidelines on Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms
o 2nd edition of LMHI Guidelines for a Homeopathic Drug Proving
• CCRH publication provides reference of homeopathic research conducted by Indian scientists
• New results of research on homeopathic medicines: Can water possibly have a memory?
• 68th LMHI Congress, 04-07 June 2013, Quito (Ecuador): An Encounter for Homeopaths
o International Council Meeting 2013 on 3 June 2013 at Swissotel Quito
o 3rd meeting of the LMHI Working groups on 4 June 2013
• Reminder: Online survey “Homeopathic Pharmacy and Dentistry
• LMHI Accreditation: Turkish Classical Homeopathy Association becomes first LMHI accredited school
• Preview: 69th LMHI Congress: 16-19 July 2014, Paris (France)
• National Events: 2nd International Conference on Agriculture in Homeopathy, Brazil

LMHI Newsletter No.9 May 2013
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LMHI Newsletter No.8 December 2012

LMHI moves statutory seat to Hahnemann City of Koethen: Celebration on 16 March 2013
Homeopathy Europe: Thomas Peinbauer elected new ECH President / CAM plays important role in EU healthcare
XXXI Brazilian Homeopathy Congress and XI Brazilian Congress of Homeopathy in Dentistry
LMHI Medical Homeopathic Education Standards and Accreditation of Homeopathic Teaching Centers
LMHI Working Group project / Reports from Pharmacy, Public Relations and Research
Online survey: Status of homeopathic pharmacists and dentists / Situation of homeopathic remedies
LMHI Congress 2013: Early-Bird Registration Expires on 31 December 2012 / Elections of LMHI Executive Committee will take place
National Congresses 2013: AIH-IHMA-NYMC Conference (USA)
Available now: The Liga Letter Vol. 18, Review 2012

LMHI Newsletter No.8 December 2012
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LMHI Newsletter No.7 August 2012

LMHI President fosters relations with Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Associations
International Homeopathy Day 2012 in Turkey: LMHI supports Medical Homeopathy in Turkey / Selling and marketing of homeopathic remedies allowed in pharmacies in Turkey
South Africa as new member country: LMHI Past President speaks at HSA Congress
Homeopathy in Modern Dentistry. What is it about?

Research: LMHI Guidelines on the Clinical Verification of Symptoms / Scientific Framework Homeopathy after the 66th Congress / Recent Research

Service of remembrance for the 40th anniversary of the trident disaster
Liga Letter now also available in Russian
Homeopathic Education: LMHI Medical Education Standards and Accreditation Regulations
LMHI Congress 2012 in Nara, Japan: Update and Information on LMHI Governance Meetings 2012 / Call for Country Reports
LMHI Congress 2013 in Quito, Ecuador

LMHI Newsletter No.7 August 2012
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LMHI Newsletter No.6 November 2011

Liga Congress 2011: Congress Update
Travelling Exhibition in India “The History of Homoeopathy”
India as Role Model in “Medical Pluralism and Homoeopathy”
LMHI Governance: International Council Meeting 2011 in New Delhi (Changed Venue)
In Memoriam Patricia Le Roux (1958-2011)
Good News from Sweden: Supreme Administrative Court Rules that “Doctors can recommend homeopathy”
Homeopathic Symposium in Warsaw, Poland: “Homeopathy in Europe: Practice – Idea – Research”
LMHI Research: Draft Guidelines for a Homeopathic Drug Proving and for a Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms
International Cooperation: Joint Executive Board Meeting of LMHI and ECH in Berlin

LMHI Newsletter No.6 November 2011
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LMHI Newsletter No.5 June 2011

International Homeopathy Day 2011: LMHI Supports Medical Homeopathy in Croatia
Slovenia: Homeopathic Medicines Finally Available
Homeopathic Developments in New LMHI Member China: Translation of Kent Repertory / Chinese Homeopathy Definition / Visit of LMHI Secretary for Pharmacy
Emergency Situation in Japan: How Homeopathy Can Help /Confirmation: 67th LIGA Congress 2012 Will Take Place in Nara, Japan
Switzerland: Re-Integration of Homeopathy in Basic Health Care
Poland: Lawsuit against Former President of Polish Homeopathy Association
Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier: Support for Homeopathy in Science Interview
News about Homeopathy in Canada
In Memoriam: Dr. D. P. Rastogi – An Ambassador of Indian Homeopathy
World Homoeopathic Congress 2011: Welcome to the 66th LIGA Congress in India
International Video Project “Homeopathy Works for Me”
Scientific Framework Homeopathy 2010 – Portuguese Version Available
Clinical Efficacy of Homeopathy: Report of the LMHI Research Working Group

LMHI Newsletter No.5 June 2011
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LMHI Newsletter No.4 December 2010

In the Spotlight: The Homeopathy Debate in Europe and Japan
LMHI Accreditation Criteria for Teaching Centers and the LMHI Diploma
Good news from Spain: Spanish Medical Council recognizes Homeopathy
International Scientific Committee on Homeopathic Investigations (ISCHI):Request for research proposals
LMHI Governance: The International Council elects new LMHI Executive Committee 2010-2013 / The new LMHI board members introduce themselves
LMHI Homeopathic Medicine / Remedy Definition – Final Version
In Memoriam: Prof. Louis Rey (1931-2010)
Evidence Based Homeopathy: 2010 Homeopathic Framework of Homeopathy
LMHI Publications: New LMHI Image Brochure and redesigned The Liga Letter
Save the Date: 66th LIGA Congress in New Delhi (India) / 67th LIGA Congress in Nara (Japan)
Wanted: LMHI Correspondents from different Continents

LMHI Newsletter No.4 December 2010
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LMHI Newsletter No.3 May 2010

LMHI celebrates first International Homeopathy Day in Slovenia
Interview with Dr. Irena Gori?ek, President of the Slovenian Homeopathic Society and Slovenia’s NVP to the LMHI
Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee: Joint LMHI / ECH Response to attacks on Homeopathy
Liga Book Project
Diario de la LIGA en Espa?ol: Spanish Version of the Liga Newsletter available
Call for Newsletter contributions from LMHI Member Countries
Liga Congress 2010: Conference news and important topics on the Agenda of the LMHI Governing bodies
WHO Publication “Safety issues in the preparation of homeopathic medicines”

LMHI Newsletter No.3 May 2010
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LMHI Newsletter No.2 November 2009

WHO warns against homeopathy use”: LMHI statement to the WHO
LMHI-Website: Up-to-date information and communication platform
Request for Liga Congress Proceedings
The LIGA on the Summit
LMHI Governing Bodies meet in Warsaw
Announcement: Call for Elections on the occasion of the 65th LMHI Congress
Opening of new “European Library for Homeopathy K?then”
65th LMHI-Congress 2010 in California / U.S.A.:Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Organon
Interview with Congress Organizer Dr. Richard Hiltner
Preview: 66th Liga Congress 2011 in Riga/Latvia

LMHI Newsletter No.2 November 2009
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LMHI Newsletter No.1 April 2009

LMHI establishes permanent secretariat in Germany
LMHI launches new website and corporate design
The Polish Homeopathic Society announces the 64th Congress of the LMHI,26-30 August 2009 in Warsaw, Poland – “Timeless Quality Homeopathy“
To achieve a better quality of homeopathy, we need a better understanding of what is to achieve.” Interview with Congress Organizer Tomasz Kokoszczynski
LMHI President Ulrich D. Fischer renews contacts with Asian Countries and Russia.

LMHI Newsletter No.1 April 2009
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